Hurricane Harvey Help

The Roper Report

As previously reported, the Cover Our People With Love charity has donated four large bags full of hand-made quilts and blankets to be delivered to homeless refugees in the flood-ravaged areas by White Texans.

Now, we would like to announce the “Hurricane Harvey Help”, being organized by two like-minded ladies to help their people. While there are dozens, even hundreds of charities collecting donations right now which could go anywhere and to anyone, this fundraiser is being organized by people whom we know. People who think like we do. Our people.

Please choose to help through this Hurricane Harvey Help fundraiser. Even a small amount can make a big difference to so many. Added together, it could make all the difference in the world. The Hurricane Harvey Help fundraiser is endorsed by The ShieldWall Network, The Shield Maidens, Noble Breed Kindred, and the Daughters of Eve.

In addition, 50%…

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Upcoming ShieldWall Network Events

The Roper Report

Our next ShieldWall Network meeting will be in central Arkansas on September 23rd.

If you’re interested in meeting real people, in real life face to face for local activism and mutual support, RSVP for details.

We also will be sending a delegation to the StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennessee the weekend after (September 29th-Oct. 1st).

Thirdly, there will be a Fall Fest get-together in Eastern Arkansas October 7th.

The Roper Report is now a part of the Radio Aryan network!

The Roper Report podcast will now be livestreamed twice a day on Wednesdays, as well as listed and archived for download, on, as well as their Youtube channel.

This will increase our listening audience, and potential ShieldWall Network affiliates, by thousands, from an entirely new audience. Combined with The ShieldWall Network’s recent inclusion to the Confederate 28 coalition of organizations under the Blood and Honour American Division banner, this…

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NOW is the time to help each other!

The Roper Report

The Cover our People With Love charity, after passing over a cash donation to help a local White family who just lost everything in a house fire today, will be delivering four bags of handmade quilts and blankets to some of our people on their way to help the flood victims in SouthEast Texas tomorrow. To find out how YOU can get involved, visit their website, Here.

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Are You Ready For Civil War? The Hard Left Is

Do I advocate that people be afraid of this? NO! I do advocate that people be aware, though. Learn that everyone that comes to you in sheep’s clothing ain’t a sheep and you need to be able to tell the sheep from the wolves–and learn to expose the wolves for what they are.
The Betrayed: On Warriors, Cowboys and Other MisfitsGood advice. — jtl, 419
by Al Benson Jr.
It seems that no matter what the average American wants,  the hard Left is preparing for civil disruption and civil war. Sound far out to you? It really isn’t. Just take a quick look back at Charlottesville and Ferguson. There were sneak previews of what is to come on a bigger scale.
Combat Shooter's HandbookThe hard Left is funded by Obama’s Organizing for Action group and by some Soros-funded NGO groups, and they are preparing for civil war. They are being trained by professional agitators on how to confront Trump…

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StormFront rallies; is coming back.

The Roper Report

Hurricane Harvey still swirls around in a circle. Each time an arm of it goes back over the ocean, the storm picks up energy and warm water that it dumps back over Southeast Texas. ShieldWall Network affiliates in the area are keeping us informed on the situation on the ground so that we can mobilize any help which isn’t being provided, as the ordeal develops.

Likewise, the live StormFront Radio program this morning picked up more energy, with a larger listening audience than it has enjoyed in years, all of them outraged and energized by Network Solutions’ theft of the StormFront message board domain name, as reported here.

Don Black, the founder of the oldest and most popular White Nationalist forum, discussed their intent to seek legal satisfaction over the unprecedented attack on the first amendment. Multiple lawyers are already on the case. He also confirmed that he possesses several…

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Get Real Now, Before It’s Too Late

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Yesterday, according to some reports, ICANN stole’s domain name. After 20 years of being one of the most active and productive internet resources for Whites, it will be a struggle to bring it back online. This, combined with the ongoing intense and concerted effort to deny the first amendment to our people online through deplatforming, make the warning I gave out almost  a year ago especially poignant and urgent. Go to The ShieldWall Network website. Begin to network with and meet local patriots of like mind in your area. Get alternative contact information (e-mail, phone numbers, mailing addresses, rendezvous points and plans) set up with them NOW. It’s coming.

At this time, The StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennessee is still ON for September 29th-Oct. 1st. You can come out and meet David Duke, myself, Don Black, Sam Dickson, and dozens of other White Nationalist leaders and…

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Next ShieldWall Network meeting announced.

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Network‘s next meeting is scheduled for central Arkansas at noon on September 23rd. E-mail for details and an invitation. This is expected to be the largest ShieldWall Network so far, as the coalition has expanded rapidly over the last few months, so RSVP ASAP!

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Little Rock Mayor Allies with Jewish ADL to Deny 1st Amendment: Roper files with ACLU in response

The Roper Report

The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

As of the 2005–2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, White Americans made up 52.7% of Little Rock’s population; of which 49.4% were non-Hispanic Whites, down from 74.1% in 1970. In the ten years since, the White percentage of Little Rock has declined by a further five percent, and decreases daily. The city is currently undergoing a crisis of violent crime, edging up on fifty homicides so far this year: over twice last year’s startling murder rate. Almost all of the perpetrators of these crimes have been black or Hispanic.

Anti-White Little Rock Mayor Mark…

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SPLC Admits They Conspired With ‘Act For America’ Against Billy Roper

The Roper Report

In a brand new article just released, the Jewish and homosexual led Southern Poverty Law Center admitted that they were responsible for conspiring with ‘Act For America’ in a (failed) attempt to stop The ShieldWall Network’s June 10th ‘March Against Sharia’, led by Billy Roper.

“…A rally scheduled for Batesville, Arkansas, was to have been organized by longtime neo-Nazi Billy Roper.

ACT for America typically attempts to distance itself from members who are revealed to be extremists. Only after the SPLC revealed Roper’s racist past and current beliefs did ACT for America drop sponsorship of the event. Roper still hosted his own march, however, which included a “Draw Mohammad” contest and attendees in “White Pride World Wide” shirts…”

The result of the SPLC’s ham-handed machinations was even MORE publicity and media coverage for The ShieldWall Network. When asked to comment on the revelation of the SPLC’s involvement, Roper stated:

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