Surviving In A War Zone

As fighting in eastern Ukraine continues, people in Avdiivka near Donetsk are forced to live without water and electricity, suffer from freezing temperatures and the constant fear of death.

There are numerous very valuable lessons we can learn from the survivors’ accounts and advice on surviving life in a war zone, and we should learn them now vicariously before we are forced to learn them by personal experience in the School of Hard Knocks.

When there’s a war on, attitude, clothes, and gear can get you killed or arrested. Here is where the gray man approach comes into play. Be as neutral as possible not only regarding your actions and behavior, but also when it comes to insignias, clothes, and gear. Even beards or unusual or characteristic hair styles can get you in trouble.

Checkpoints in Ukraine are there for a reason: finding enemies. Having a weapon can get you into trouble, but also things such as maps, GPS, political propaganda, radios, this can all be considered espionage material.

Adventurers traveling around the world have often mentioned how they get arrested in war zones because of their cameras and laptops. You’re not local, you have electronics capable of being used for communication, then you’re a suspect until proven otherwise.

Lots of people have GPS, radios and maps in their Bug Out Bags. Make sure to be smart about it and understand that in some cases, when dealing with factions fighting over power, it can get you in trouble and it’s better to get rid of some of it before reaching a checkpoint.

Learn to deal with checkpoints. In checkpoints, women and children aren’t as carefully inspected as men. Private vehicles are checked much more thoroughly than public transportation. Maybe you’re better off taking a bus or train.

It’s important to travel light and be in good health and properly dressed to walk long distances if needed. Bribes may be needed so have cash. Valuable items such as jewelry, cash and even electronics may be “confiscated” or downright stolen by the troops. Conceal them as well as you can.

Cash and small gold coins can be hidden in shoe insoles, inside children toys or dirty diapers in the baby’s diaper bag. Coins can be sewed under jacket patches and insignias, under buttons.

Think about how you would evacuate to the safe side of enemy lines if racial civil war broke out, and America began to balkanize. Or, better yet, secede with your feet now, before it happens, by moving to a solidly White area.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Jonathan Chambers

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