What are you getting into with The ShieldWall Network?

The History of Blood and Honour American Division, and what this means for The ShieldWall Network and YOU.

Blood and Honour was founded in 1987 in the UK by Ian Stuart, the lead singer of the Nationalist band Skrewdriver. In 2005, Blood and Honour American Division was established, which included VolksFront, American Front, Christian Guard, Daughters of Yahweh, White Revolution, and Troops of Tomorrow. The Blood and Honour American Division National Council consisted of David Lynch, Mike Lawrence, Randal Krager, and Billy Roper. Blood and Honour American Division member Del O’Conner, a member of the original Blood and Honour and a friend of Ian Stuart, was the original liaison between Blood and Honour American Division and Blood and Honour UK. In the United States, the one and only official and internationally recognized Blood & Honour charter is Blood & Honour American Division, which was sanctioned by Blood & Honour Worldwide by way of B&H UK in 2005. David Lynch was assassinated in his home in California in 2011. Randal Krager and Michael Lawrence retired in 2012. Billy Roper has recently become active with Blood and Honour American Division again through Confederate 28, a coalition of independent organizations of which his The ShieldWall Network is a part. Confederate 28 comprises those participating organizations of BHAD in the Eastern half of the United States. The organizations comprising the Western United States which are a part of Blood and Honour American Division, such as the Golden State Skins, are also allies of The ShieldWall Network, as being a part of BHAD.

So, our alliance with these organizations will be strengthening and tightening as the power and influence of BHAD continues to grow. It’s important that we all know who we are standing with, and what they are about. Because of this reality, we need for everyone who is a hanger-on to the ShieldWall Network Facebook group, and a lurker on the ShieldWall Network website to read the articles, to actually go to the ShieldWall Network website and read the ‘about’ section, so you will learn what you are getting involved in. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but you each need to learn who and what we are, and make a decision. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Every person who has been added to the facebook group should be sent this, as well as a link to the ShieldWall Network website, Admin, by someone who is on their friends list, to make sure they have a chance to see it. If somebody there is not on anybody’s friends list, they probably don’t need to be on a ShieldWall Network group.

I’m sure we all understand the need to know who we are communicating with, as we all to some extent will be responsible for one another. After all, that’s the whole point of The ShieldWall Network.

No Jews, no other nonWhites, no mixed race people, no mixed race offspring, no race mixing, no homosexuality, no illegal activity.



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