Vintage Survival Kit

It’s amazing how old survival skills get passed down from one generation to another. When we’ll have no running water, no hyperactive emergency services, no electricity… we are going to turn back to what people did 100 years ago. Here you’ll find some “little” survival tricks popular in the early 1900’s and (some of them) useful even today. This is the third installment of our forgotten skills sequence.

Light a fire without wood; You want to light a coal fire but there’s no wood available? No worries! You can simply use twisted pieces of paper. A newspaper would be a good choice. Take about two or three sheets and start lighting your coal fire.

Removing long nails; Pulling out long nails with just a pair of pliers can be tough, but there’s an old trick for doing this successfully. Place a small piece of wood just under your pincers. Start pulling the long nail and you’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Curing your chilblains; Suffering from chilblains (those small, itchy swellings on the skin that occur as a reaction to cold temperatures) due to extreme cold? Just get a slice of apple and salt and your problem will be solved! Dip a slice of apple in common salt then rub it gently on the affected parts. It would be best to use a juicy apple.

How to light a match in the wind; So, you’re out for camping and ready to start a bonfire. But, the winds are just too strong for you to light a single match. To successfully light a match in the wind, simply cut thin shavings on the match towards its striking end. In this way, the shavings will catch the fire and will make the flame stronger.

Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve come across great survival skills information?

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

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