How to meet like-minded people.

The Roper Report

Attending a meeting of conservative, Republican, or Tea Party people can be productive, if you practice The ShieldWall Network method of feeling out, encouraging, cherry-picking, and radicalizing those who are already close to our positions on a majority of issues. This section on has hundreds of listings for right-wing groups, well, at least as far or further right than the Alt Right, whose meetings you can attend in your area, to find real life friends with whom to network. From among them, through bringing up immigration, crime, gun control, the controlled media bias, and finally the JQ, you can find some that are just your size. It’s no harder than trying on a new pair of shoes.

You can reject the ones who have nonWhite dependents, which leads to them being too constricted into their impurity spiral. You can put back those that think gays are okay…

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