The Elves and the Shoemaker

When stocking for an emergency or survival situation, people generally think to stock food, water, and building materials first. These are all good things to think about and could potentially save your life.

However, what about having a stock of clothing?

A lot of people forget they’re going to need extra clothing during an emergency or survival situation, and not having the proper clothing could mean death. Every emergency shelter or store should be equipped with different outdoor clothing. This means wool pants, coats, and socks. Wool will keep you warm even when it gets wet, making it the perfect survival clothing. Have an extra stock of undergarments, sleeping wear, and even shoes.

Shoes are one of the most important things to have in your survival clothing kit. Along with stocking extra shoes, it would be even more beneficial to know how to make your own shoes just in case you find yourself without a pair. Cold and wet feet can lead to hypothermia fast, even if you’re wearing wool everywhere else.

Knowing how to make shoes isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s a valuable skill to have on the road to becoming self-sufficient.

Shoes can be made from several different types of materials, and every culture has a unique way to make shoes. Some cultures use similar material; others use material that might seem odd. Some materials include:

1. Eel skins
2. Leather from all kind of animals like deer, elk, reindeer, and moose.
3. Wood
4. Tires

As you can see, the supplies for making shoes can be found just about anywhere, even in urban settings. No matter where you get stranded, you have most of the materials you need to make some new footwear should the situation require it. These are the primary materials used to make the bulk of the shoes, but there is also some secondary materials and equipment you need to stitch it all together. Some of the equipment will include:

1. Waxed thread for sewing
2. A leather needle
3. A sharp knife
4. Buckles
5. Nylon straps
6. Circular saw or a band saw

All these materials and equipment will make shoes out of leather and old tires, which are probably the most common and easiest to make in a survival situation or for your survival stores.

The benefit of making shoes with leather is that they’re easy to put together. The downside is that you need leather to make them. This means either killing a deer, or using a lot of tanned squirrel hides. If you need shoes fast, moccasins may not be your best bet.

However, if you have leather readily available, go ahead and make a few pairs. You never know when you might need them. Making sandals from old tires is a great recycling option. If you’re in a survival situation in the woods, you might not find any tires nearby, but having a few in your stock is handy. They take forever to wear out, and they only require two materials to make.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Jonathan Chambers

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