How To Save A Life

Saving money can be difficult, especially in a down economy or if you have recently suffered loss of an income. When you want to save money, there are various tips and tricks available to help.

Build an emergency cash fund. Stuff happens. Your car has a mechanical breakdown and there is no other way to get to work or to town so you must have it fixed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cookie jar full of bills so you can pay for the repairs? In the old days, this was called a Rainy Day fund. These days, it is called an emergency fund.

Much like prepping, this is one thing you can do using baby steps. How about one meal a week of beans, rice, and a nice chunk of healthy bread (that you have made yourself). This type of meal is extremely economical and you can dole the savings into your emergency fund. You will be surprised at how quickly $5 dollars a week adds up.

Of equal importance to the modest amount you are saving, is the fact that you are building a lifetime habit – one that will serve you well for many years to come and hopefully one that you will pass on to your children.

Save for the special things in life. Lest you think I am a Grinch, life should not be a total drudge. From time to time, reward yourself for being frugal and thrifty. Indulge in an occasional treat, be it a pound of dark chocolate or a night out at the movies. For some, the special treat may be something a simple as a bouquet of flowers.

Life would be very boring if you did not reach out and do something extraordinary sometimes. Go ahead. You have earned it.

Frugal is not a dirty word. Frugal is not cheap. And frugal is not chintzy. Being frugal means you have made a lifestyle choice to spend your money on the things you need, no more, no less. With the extra, you have chosen to splurge and celebrate your thrifty and sustainable habits by doing something special and joyful.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters?

For the rich, the choices are easy but for those on fixed incomes, deciding whether to splurge on a treat or purchase food is almost no choice at all. Still, there are choices we all can make, no matter what.

Those choices are to make do with what we have and to live a joyful and strategic life.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

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