Save Yourself.

As much as I would like to say money doesn’t matter, it does.

The reality is most of us need money to buy food, put clothes on our backs, and pay for housing, utilities, healthcare, medicine and taxes. Even families that live 100% off grid and hunt and grow their own food rely on money for one thing or another.

In truth, the way we live our lives and the amount of money we need gets down to a matter of choices. 

Having choices when it comes to spending is something all of us can do, regardless of where we fall in the economic strata. Rich, poor, or somewhere in between, we all get out of bed in the morning and face the day with financial decisions to make.

Today we’ll discuss some money survival tips so when faced with a choice, you will be better prepared to make the right financial decision for the time, place, and circumstance.

First, if you have it, use it. Think about it. Over time you have accumulated lots of stuff. Some of it may be a bit shop worn and out of style, but the stuff is still serviceable.

If it still works, use it. Don’t give in to the bombardment of ads encouraging you to go out and purchase the latest model or the next best thing. If money is burning a hole in your pocket, use it for something you truly need and not something you just want.

This applies to prepping gear, too! Before making a purchase, scope out what you have and buy what you need before you duplicate something you already own.

When you need to buy, shop for a bargain and get it cheaper. Research all your major purchases and some of the minor ones, too. Check out online reviews and the recommendations of friends so you can be an informed consumer. The reviews on Amazon are great and far more informative than an anonymous blogger who recommends something but provides no proof they own it. 

Ask the clerks at the store when the item of interest will go on sale. Believe it or not, you will sometimes be offered a discount on the spot. This happened to my wife and I when we purchased a new freezer.

Remember used can be just as good as new. Sometimes it makes good sense to buy used. Furniture can be purchased for a song on Craigslist or at garage sales and sometimes you can get some pretty good stuff for free.

Another area where you can really save really is on clothing. Ebay is a gold mine for name brand clothing that is often new. Evening gowns, tuxedos, wedding wear and other dress-up items are especially cheap on eBay. On the other hand, be wary of used electronics since there is no substitute for hands on testing prior your purchase.

Learn to cook and bake. Restaurant meals can be a rat hole for cash. So is your local specialty coffee shop. That is not to say you should avoid eating and drinking out completely, but make those occasions a special treat rather than something you do because you are too tired or too lazy to cook.

Can’t cook? Get yourself a basic cookbook and call a friend over to help get you started. Once you start eating home cooked food, you will be hooked on how delicious those vegetables and salads taste.

Don’t overlook learning to bake your own breads and treats. Homemade baked goods are always better than store bought. Remember fresh baked chocolate chip cookies when you were a kid growing up?

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

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