Muh Polly Ticks

The Roper Report

The ShieldWall Network doesn’t particularly care about politics. That statement might sound strange, considering that we seem to be a right wing political organization. The operative word there, though, is “seem”. We are a grassroots community activism outreach. We are a White prepper’s collective. We are a locally based leadership cadre. We aren’t a political party.

Civic Nationalists wave a flag which once represented a nation founded of, by, and for our race, but now stands for a government whose foreign and domestic policies push its genocide. They care less about race, than about law and order, not yet understanding that the only kind of law and order you can have in a multiracial society is an authoritarian, top-down oppression which strips everyone of their individual liberties, freedom, dignity, and identity.

The Alt Lite allies with anyone of any hue or deviant persuasion who claims to be, from one moment…

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