Love Thy Neighbor

Let’s  assume you have decided not to bug out, you have decided to stay home, using your house as a base of survival. Not every survival scenario ends with you living in a tent or shelter made of branches.

In a post-apocalyptic (or at the least post-large scale disaster) world people will be fighting for survival, for food, for water, for security.

You of course have a plan for this, you have been stockpiling food and supplies, you are adequately armedd and you have educated yourself and know exactly how to defend your home

In many cases, your best chances of survival are on turf on which you are familiar—home field advantage and all that.

There are two problems with this that must be addressed, preferably before disaster strikes. The first: you are only one person. The second: you may be surrounded by neighbors.

Just because you are living in your home does not mean you can just lock the front door and go to sleep.  If the nature of the disaster is such that food and resources become scarce, you can bet there are bad guys out there who have not prepared as you have.

Don’t let the fact they haven’t stockpiled fool you into believing they haven’t prepped. For some of the more ruthless of our brothers, prepping simply means firepower and the will to use it.

These guys figure why waste time and money stockpiling food or gear when they can just take what they need from someone who has it.

This is a valid argument on their part. The lion doesn’t think twice about running the cheetah off from a kill.

The ruthless man who is willing to exert his ruthlessness can generally get what he needs. This factor multiplies if you are talking about many ruthless people working together.

The police won’t be there to stop them, and if they leave no witnesses, no one can testify later should civilization reemerge.

You simply can’t provide 24 hour a day security for your family—and can you really count on your wife or ten year old on the roof with the deer rifle to cover the hours you have to sleep?

To make matters worse, surviving will require more of you than just standing guard. You need allies to share this responsibility.

This is where neighbors may come into play…your makeshift survival coalition for those who plan to stay.

Neighbors are a double-edged sword. Just like in normal times, they can be both an asset and a liability—in some cases a hindrance.  A responsible, dependable, skilled, friendly neighbor with high moral standards can be a powerful asset, just as a weak, unreliable, unskilled, unmotivated waste of DNA can be a liability.

Neighborhoods can come together to forge alliances for mutual protection and support, but only if the right people are involved. The wrong people can lead to mutual destruction.

You need to know which of these people live around you.

Our next piece will outline the steps you must take to determine if the people around you are friend or foe.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

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