Leaders Needed. Apply Within.

Are you tired of meme wars and shitposting?

Is it time for you to graduate to something real?

If you’re ready for an IRL organization based on local cell structures for White Nationalists preppers and activists, then The ShieldWall Network is ready for you.

We’re actively looking for people who aren’t afraid to contact and meet with other White patriots in their local area. Franchise opportunities are available across the country for leaders willing to become a person of influence in your community. We will show you how, step by step.

Learn how to build connections with other like-minded White Nationalists for mutual support, aid, and assistance now, and in the future.

Build camaraderie by working as a team through community outreach actions to organize cadres and make connections to access the resources, personnel, and skill sets needed by your local group.

Stand together locally against our enemies, building your confidence and capabilities as you branch out through increasing activism.

Let us help you become the leader in your area whom everyone needs. If you have the commitment, we have the experience and know-how to get you there.

The ShieldWall Network. Thinking racially, acting locally.

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