Backup Backup Plan

Disaster preparation is all about redundancy, and I personally make this my mantra. I have multiple options for any plans I make, from food and water to escape routes, and I have a backup plan for each of my backup plans.

Overkill? Maybe. But remember, even in fully functioning civilization we have plenty of redundancies such as spare tires and insurance policies, and no one frowns upon this.

These “excesses” are even more critical during a catastrophe. In the prepper world, we have a saying that goes “Two is one and one is none.” This means for example, if you have only one evacuation route planned, but this route is closed off or blocked, “one is none.” But by planning at least two evacuation routes and only one of those routes is open, “two is one.”

I will share with you some of my favorite examples of so-called “redundancies” that could save your life.

When the electricity goes out during a power blackout, your first backup is batteries. Make sure you stock up and stash an adequate supply of batteries in your survival cache, but keep in mind batteries die too. Invest in manual gadgets, such as wind up clocks, radios, etc. to be the backup to your backup batteries.

Along these same lines, if there’s no electricity, your burglar alarms won’t work either. A backup plan for this is bells (or something similarly noisy) hung from the doorknob or a watchdog.

I have also previously written you several times about off-site survival caching, which is a Plan B in itself. Should a catastrophe force you to flee your home, if you have a secret supply cache outside your home, you’ll have more supplies than you can carry in your vehicle.

Keep a chainsaw in with your survival cache. If your stockpile of firewood runs out, you can use a chainsaw to cut more wood. That is, until it runs out of gas. The backup-backup plan for this scenario is to make sure your cache also includes a two man saw or axes to cut more wood as needed.
Include “picnic” dishes in your survival cache, paper plates, plastic knives and forks, etc. Should there be a hot water shortage you won’t be able to wash dishes.

Get your hands on some water filters or iodine tablets. If you run out of potable water, you can use these in a pinch to purify water for drinking.

If you are a survivalist, you are already unknowingly practicing redundancy simply just by preparing for the worst. Follow the “Two is one, and one is none” strategy to ensure you ALWAYS have a backup, alternatives, Plan Bs and even Plan Cs, and you shouldn’t run out of options for your and your family’s survival.

Together We Are Strong,

Robert Taylor
Survival Society


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