Every American patriot should own a firearm, especially for home defense.

Your family lives there, you must protect them.

Personally I think every new home should come with a firearm and training manual as standard equipment.

But what kind?

There’s always confusion over whether a rifle or handgun is the right choice in a defense or survival situation.

Some argue that a rifle is more useful. For example, you can hunt with a rifle. Handguns are not designed for hunting due to their shorter range. Unless you’re really a great shot.

But you can’t really use a rifle in a home invasion situation. Or can you? Well, unless it’s an AR-15, as the recent incident in Texas where a young man slew three home invaders with one demonstrated.

Rifle rounds are often too powerful and can be dangerous inside because the round can go through walls and hit things they shouldn’t, like your family and neighbors.

A handgun is by far the better choice for interior home defense, over a rifle.

Easy to control and enough stopping power to drop an intruder before they can reach you.

But if you’re dealing with an onslaught situation where you can see hostiles moving toward you then you’ll need a rifle to defend your home long range.

In reality, all the arguments between rifle or handgun are completely pointless because of one reason.

You should have both.

A rifle for long range defense and hunting, and a handgun for close quarters defense and personal protection.

There is a perfect tool for almost every situation, you just need to have the right one…..

For home defense, a good choice for excellent coverage with less overpenetration is a shotgun. Twelve gauge, pump action, 00 buckshot.

Why not one of each?

Together We Are Strong,

Paraphrased from Robert Taylor for The ShieldWall Network

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