List of martyrs for May 20th ‘White Lives Matter’ red balloon release.

Here is the list of White victims of genocide who will be honored on May 20th in the ShieldWall Network and the Shield Maiden’s ‘White Lives Matter’ red balloon release in north-central Arkansas: Vickie Weaver, Jamie Urton, Gordon Kahl, Joshua Chellew, Charlene Downes, Richard Barrett, Autumn Pasquale, Lonzie Barton, Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Deborah Camp Liles, Martha Watson, Anne Pressly, Alison Parker, Adam Ward, Jessica Chambers, Suzanne Hogan, Kristy Lynn Mitchell, Gene Emory Dacus, and Martha Schell. In addition, a participant has volunteered to prepare red balloons honoring each of the 17 children killed by the Federal government during the Branch Davidian assault in Waco in 1993, in memory of the men and women they would have been, today.

This red balloon release will take place following the regularly scheduled meeting of the Arkansas division of The ShieldWall Network that day. RSVP to for details.

7 thoughts on “List of martyrs for May 20th ‘White Lives Matter’ red balloon release.

  1. Brother my family will be participating here in California. We also have a large list of victims who will be named on our Balloons. Along with The persons killed in south Africa. We ourselves have many friends who have been killed . I also have a list of those persons across the country that have not been mentioned in main stream media .Thank you

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  2. Concordo, há ligeireza a mais, pouca densidade, na linha d'A Viagem do Elefante. Encurta-se a obra e acelera-se o passo, quatro meses neste caso, numa corrida contra o tempo – por isso acho que alguém o deveria aconselhar a repousar (para não acabar como a Amália, chiando, e seria ao novo governo (meio governo novo), dir-se-á: inversamente polémico ao Caim e a Saramago, por ora, pelo menos, assim se espera.Abraço.


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