How To Grow A Pair

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Another White Nationalist leader, whose initials are H.A.C., and myself were having an online discussion recently about Colin Jordan’s quote that people in our movement have too big hearts and too small brains. I responded by saying that perhaps the real problem was that they need bigger testicles. He responded that he agreed, but because he isn’t physically able to provide an example for them to follow, he doesn’t head down that path. I understand exactly what he means, I’m not posting this from the grave or a federal prison, either. But I think that maybe we can help out some of the younger millennial folks to get a little bit bolder and more courageous. So, how can we encourage those folks? Imagine that you were one of them. What would I tell you, to get you started down the road to heroism?

Let’s talk baby steps…

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