Our culture, our bloodline, is worth fighting for

Mrs. Roper

What are you fighting for if you’re not preserving our culture? Our People are descendants of explorers, inventors, architects, farmers, artists, miners, ranchers, fishermen, hunters, poets, musicians, composers, wood workers, philosophers, seamstress’, chefs, cobblers, millers, clock makers, printers, authors, ship builders, navigators, scientists, astronomers, surgeons, mechanics, doctors, pioneers, rulers, and warriors. We have discovered, conquered and built countries, and for what? So you can stare mindlessly at shallow posts on the internet? So you can waste your time constantly staring at the television?

Our future generations don’t even know the majority of our people’s contributions to the world, much less the skills that our descendants found important to teach and pass on to the next generation. Blame it on the public education system all you want, but ultimately it is YOUR responsibility to teach your children about our culture and history. If your children or the people around you are…

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