Plutocratic Power Plays

Right now around one million people, more than ten percent of the state’s population, are out of power in Michigan due to late winter storms. As many middle-income subdivisions are still in the dark, electrical power repair crews are being routed away from blue collar and working class areas, and sent to first restore power to wealthier neighborhoods. It’s become so obvious that utility spokesmen have had to publicly deny that such is their policy, following a growing wave of public protests. Seriously, how many millionaires do you think are sitting shivering in the dark in Detroit, tonight?

Now, imagine if this happened on a larger scale, such as would be the case in a regional or nationwide E.M.P. attack which caused the entire power grid to crash, frying the circuitry and hardware. Where would YOU rank on the government’s priority list?

Right. Me, too. That’s why having an in-place network of mutually supportive preppers in your area may be crucial to you and your family’s well-being, some day.

The ShieldWall Network. When the 1% and the government let us down, we’ll pick each other up again. Get on board, now.


4 thoughts on “Plutocratic Power Plays

  1. Reblogged this on A White Woman's Perspective and commented:
    Thank you for this article! As I have two sons in Michigan, who thankfully have electricity in the cities they are in right now, I stay current in what’s going on up there. I myself endured a week long black out while in South Warren around 2003. It gets pretty chaotic as you can imagine when populated cities are left in the dark. Let this be a lesson to you and make sure you’re prepared if such an event happens to you!


  2. You’re absolutely right, for myself I don’t even think I could find my name on the list, it would most likely fall under the categorical heading of “expendable”. I have come to want or expect nothing from my ZOG Canadian government, but then again, I truly don’t care about them, they can all go and fly that proverbial Kite – The Reich Was Right – Cheers!!!


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