Suidlanders (A South African ShieldWall Network)

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Endemic in modern Western society is a passive, submissive vapidity. Nothing is well organized, or strongly led, or tightly focused or disciplined. In fact, most people seem shy about even suggesting that organization, leadership, focus, or discipline are needed. Many resist any discipline, authority, or leadership. Rampant individualism as a cause feeds into the opposite as an effect, making people into a herd of cows with no bull. No wonder many of our people are such easy prey. This can be seen as evident through the lack of response to White genocide ongoing both here and even to greater extents in places such as South Africa.

Not all White South Africans have a victim mentality, though. Some Afrikaners, Boer Protestant Christians, have organized to not only defend themselves in the case of violent revolution and civil war (which they anticipate imminently), they even have different contingency plans…

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