How To Grow A Pair

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

Another White Nationalist leader, whose initials are H.A.C., and myself were having an online discussion recently about Colin Jordan’s quote that people in our movement have too big hearts and too small brains. I responded by saying that perhaps the real problem was that they need bigger testicles. He responded that he agreed, but because he isn’t physically able to provide an example for them to follow, he doesn’t head down that path. I understand exactly what he means, I’m not posting this from the grave or a federal prison, either. But I think that maybe we can help out some of the younger millennial folks to get a little bit bolder and more courageous. So, how can we encourage those folks? Imagine that you were one of them. What would I tell you, to get you started down the road to heroism?

Let’s talk baby steps…

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Centripetal vs. Centrifugal Forces

The Roper Report

In multiracial, diverse states, human nature is a centrifugal force, pulling the competing demographic populations apart, while the central authority is the centripetal force, trying to hold the disparate groups together. This is why the government is your enemy, White man. I know this article is longer than a meme, but please read through it to the end, and see what the inevitable result is when centrifugal forces outweigh totalitarianism. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “B”…

“Countries today face a myriad of issues that threaten to divide its citizens. Religious differences, for example, can split people of the same culture. Differences in language can be a cause for unrest, and may require resolution by the central government. Cultural diversity in many countries is deeply rooted and can create powerful divisions within the population. Divisions are a reality in any country, but there are also forces…

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May 20th ShieldWall Network meeting update.

E-mail for more details or to find out how YOU can get involved.

The Roper Report

I have reserved the private meeting room in (a North-central Arkansas town) for our meeting on Saturday, May 20th. I’ll let everyone know exactly what time and which place it will be closer to the event date. Please do not post or share the name of the city or any more detailed information publicly, in order to make sure that our venue remains secure. Please DO invite all of your friends to attend, if they are like-minded. (You CAN discuss it on the private facebook group, since that is how several affiliates stay in touch).
At the meeting, we will finalize plans for our summer campout, which is open to all ShieldWall Network and Shield Maiden affiliates and their families.
We also will discuss our progress on the five challenge steps to becoming a person of influence in our respective communities. As a reminder, they are:

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May ShieldWall Network Meeting Scheduled

The next meeting of the ShieldWall Network will be held on May 20th in north-central Arkansas. The exact time and location will be given out closer to the event date, by RSVP.  Topics for discussion at this meeting will include the final planning of our summer campout, open to all ShieldWall Network affiliates; a ‘White Lives Matter’ red balloon release to honor the victims of White genocide, and lectures and discussions on how to become a person of influence in your community, how to find and recruit like-minded people, and how to organize them into the ShieldWall. Stay tuned for more information as the date nears, and make your plans to attend.

Thank you, ShieldWall Affiliates!

by Billy Roper

On March 18th, 2017, the second ShieldWall Network meeting was held in central Arkansas. The attendees, which consisted of twelve men, three women, and four young people ages 10-15, enjoyed the snacks and many raffled door prizes, as well as the speakers, but the face-to-face camaraderie they experienced was probably the most encouraging and beneficial impact of their attendance. Six of them were people whom I had never met before, and I love to make new friends “IRL”, “In Real Life”.

Some books and CDs were sold, a lot of free literature was passed out, and several ongoing affiliated projects were described, including Tina’s discussion of the Tomorrow Belongs To Me Sobriety program, the Shield Maidens women’s organization, and the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity. Thank you to Sharon and Kim for your donations to ‘Cover Our People With Love‘. Also, thank you to Chris and Justina for helping to plan and organize the meeting, and secure its location.

Karl gave an excellent presentation on the importance of getting involved in local politics, and inspired the audience to follow his example in becoming active in the community as a person of influence in that manner. He also presented an informative powerpoint slideshow about the ShieldWall Network‘s upcoming summer group campout, which was then planned among the attendees.

Pat, a White Nationalist author and podcast host, spoke about his racial awakening and discussed the impetus for his research into our people’s history, culture, and heritage. Like Billy Roper, he also had his books available for signing and purchase at the meeting. Here is Pat’s website.

After a discussion a vote was held to decide the location of the next ShieldWall Network meeting, and the consensus was that it will be held in Northern Arkansas on the third Saturday in May.

Following the meeting’s adjournment, participants took part in the ‘White Man’s March‘ demonstration of opposition against White genocide, centered around a large professionally made banner which states in big, bold red letters that ‘Diversity = White Genocide‘. There was NO confrontation with law enforcement or counter-demonstrators, or any problems experienced whatsoever. The only negative reaction was one woman across the street shaking her head in disapproval. Some ShieldWall Network affiliates provided discrete security overwatch of the situation, just in case, while others actively participated. Otherwise, we received only thumbs up, waves, smiles, and honks of support. Some drivers turned around and parked across the busy street in rush hour traffic to take pictures of us and the banner.

Overall, it was a wonderful day, the meeting and getting to know new people, as well as seeing some whom I hadn’t worked with in years, was great, very great. Sharing ideas, tactics, and strategies to benefit ourselves, one another, and our community and race as a whole was very educational, inspiring, and encouraging for everyone present. I’d like to thank everyone who attended, from the college kid Alt Righters to the old fighters of the movement who have been doing this with me for twenty years. I’d also like to thank Bob, who wasn’t able to make it but sent along with two other patriots who did attend, a large selection of bottled water and soft drinks to go along with the snacks and finger foods which everyone appreciated very much.

In conclusion, I was extremely happy with the turnout, especially considering how many young people and new people there were present.Those who have held in real life White Nationalist meetings understand that, some organization’s artificially inflated numbers aside, getting 19 people together locally is a respectable attendance.There were many other people who would have come, had they not been kept from doing so by work or family obligations which we understood. It’s anticipated that their added presence at the next meeting in May will make that gathering even larger, as the ShieldWall Network continues to grow.

For those who were not able to attend this meeting, here is a ten minute long video excerpt giving you an idea of what The ShieldWall Network is all about. Feel free to share it, of course. We hope to see you next time!

Today Is The Day!

The Roper Report

Today, Saturday, March 18th, 2017, is the ‘White Man’s March’!

You may not “march”: if you don’t have an appropriate space to, the name of the event came from the month in which it is held each year, the month after “Black History Month”. A standing protest, or one moving up and down a sidewalk with your signs, posters, and flags facing traffic for a half hour may work just as well in getting out the message that we oppose White genocide and want to encourage our people that they are not alone or forgotten. You may even distribute flyers and stickers as you move along. So long as you don’t block the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, you can do as you wish.

Here are some great flyers and stickers to print out and copy.

You may not be a White “man”. Many of the pledged…

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