Joining The ShieldWall

A large part of what The ShieldWall Network is designed for is establishing a communications web and organizational nexus for cooperation and mutual support, as well as direct aid and assistance, both now and in the future. To that end, we can learn much from the broader Prepper community about how to organize and expand our group based not only on their models, but on their experience, as well.

When we speak of seeking out people with specific skill sets, for example, we don’t mean merely doctors and lawyers, but as this article explains, military veterans, doctors and nurses, and farmers.

I’d also add to that list mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and engineers, but begin to think of yourself in terms of what you bring to the table, or rather, to the ShieldWall. What assets, connections, training, skills, or resources do you have to offer to the organization as a whole?

Another piece discussing the formation of a group rightly states that at the foundation of the organization must be cohesion, a common goal, and the path to take to reach those goals must be relatively the same.

That’s why The ShieldWall Network won’t accept liberals, leftists, or multiculturalists. Our goal is not to reach out to them, but to our own people, those who largely already think as we do. We don’t have to be ideological clones or think in lockstep, but this isn’t a debating club. If you’re not comfortable around people who, like our Founding Fathers, wish to secure a future for our progeny, rather than the progeny of the rest of the world, then you’ll just be frustrated and disappointed by The ShieldWall Network.

There are hundreds of websites and articles on Prepping, and dozens about forming or finding a Prepper group, all over the internet. Obviously, what makes The ShieldWall Network unique is that we work to help you contact and befriend real life people NOW, before a crisis scenario, and we make sure that those people share your own principles, traits, and values. Our goal isn’t just to survive. Our mission is to triumph, not just over adversity, but over diversity, as well.

The last thing that any of us would want in a SHTF, survivalist situation, is to find out that the people beside us have completely different goals and visions for the future than we do. The ShieldWall Network is far superior to any non-ideological, politically neutral prepping group, for that reason alone. With us, you will know that everyone around you is united in our desire to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children. And knowing that, is half the battle.


4 thoughts on “Joining The ShieldWall

  1. It is absolutely imperative for all men and women to consider the future of the (dis)United States of America. In the Fate of Empire, Sir John Glubb outlines how empires rise and fall. The average life expectancy has been passed for the USA and it is evident just by turning on the television, at night. Some may say “it’s the media stirring trouble”, but it’s what they DON’T show that is more concerning. It is obvious to anyone in these circles that the nation is too diverse to do anything but fragment. This is not a sentiment borne out of hate, but out of mere reality. Where there is no clear super-majority, there are competing racial/ethnic and religious groups. It’s human nature that is not erased by an ill-defined love of freedom. We all see these things differently and, thus, can’t reliably conclude who our core beliefs are. Without a core people, that leaves our country irrevocably set on a course for conflict.

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