The ShieldWall Network: IRL

Some of you may wonder just why the ShieldWall Network is needed? What niche will it fill in the movement? Is this just another lame attempt to start another membership organization to push a single issue, or play dressup, or get people to send in membership dues in exchange for a membership card and certificate?

No, not at all. Our skin is our only uniform, in the ShieldWall. We don’t have ranks, or levels, or secret handshakes. Each Shieldwall has a Coordinator, but we all stand shoulder to shoulder in the ShieldWall. This is not a cult of personality or a pyramid scheme. This is IRL.

In texting and online shorthand jargon, the abbreviation “IRL” stands for “In Real Life”. That’s something sadly missing from the lives of most White Nationalists today, and indeed, from the activities of many of our people.

Let me be harsh, here, because that is what is needed:

At this time with the internet flooded with websites and forums, most WN have their psychological need for validation and information supplied online. Most won’t join anything. It’s too easy to get all the benefits without joining. But….

What we’re trying to do with the ShieldWall Network is fill a niche that online communication, interaction, and data mining doesn’t satisfy: face to face, IRL interaction and activism, and community networking, on the ground. Our goal is to help people network, find and meet like-minded others IRL, and become real persons of influence in their communities, based at a local level.

We want the ShieldWall Network to be stronger than and not dependent on the internet. We intend it to be based on actually knowing people as friends IRL. Face to face.

Here’s where I have to get mean: The problem isn’t with our ideas, it’s with people. They’re addicted to getting their interaction and information fast and easy and free, with no risk or cost. It’s made them lazy.

I’m hoping a few might hunger for something more real, something grassroots, local, and populist oriented. Something Authentic.

Have you had a chance to read the ShieldWall mission statement?

If you’re one of the few, the elite, a person of action and authenticity who isn’t satisfied with clacking away at a keyboard, we’re offering you a chance at something real, as one of us, in the ShieldWall.

If that sounds good, then let us hear from you.

Billy Roper

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