WE need one, because THEY have a ShieldWall, already.

There’s battle lines being drawn…

by Billy Roper

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

Dylann Roof. Alexandre Bissonnette. Revolutionary Black Panther Party armed protest marches. Thousands of threats against the President, some on the internet, and some by celebrities over loudspeakers in the capitol.

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

California, doubling down on San Francisco and Los Angeles’s sanctuary city policy, makes moves to create of themselves a sanctuary STATE where law enforcement will not enforce federal immigration laws. Petitions are being prepared to gain signatures for a referendum on secession. These are signs that a province has been conquered, and being peeled away from the glorious multiracial empire.

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, ‘hooray for our side’

Anarchists and Communists and homosexuals, believing that race and gender are social constructs but climate change is undebatable, hard science, loot and burn and vandalize for open borders and free (taxpayer funded) abortions. Suicidal liberals join militant Jews in promoting, even demanding, their own demographic replacement by foreigners.

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man comes and takes you away

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Most of the descendants of the founding people of the nation either virtue-signal their self-loathing and brainwashed guilt, or are too afraid of being identified to use their real names when verbally complaining about it. Only a comparative few are still willing to take a stand, as their ancestors did, for their people.


It’s  time we stop, hey, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down…

-“For What It’s Worth”

by Buffalo Springfield


From the “In case you think it’s just me” department:

In this illuminating article, a Jewish lawyer and left-wing activist discusses the cold civil war we are already in, how it may turn hot, and compares it to the last one. Know your enemy, fam.

The ShieldWall Network: IRL

Some of you may wonder just why the ShieldWall Network is needed? What niche will it fill in the movement? Is this just another lame attempt to start another membership organization to push a single issue, or play dressup, or get people to send in membership dues in exchange for a membership card and certificate?

No, not at all. Our skin is our only uniform, in the ShieldWall. We don’t have ranks, or levels, or secret handshakes. Each Shieldwall has a Coordinator, but we all stand shoulder to shoulder in the ShieldWall. This is not a cult of personality or a pyramid scheme. This is IRL.

In texting and online shorthand jargon, the abbreviation “IRL” stands for “In Real Life”. That’s something sadly missing from the lives of most White Nationalists today, and indeed, from the activities of many of our people.

Let me be harsh, here, because that is what is needed:

At this time with the internet flooded with websites and forums, most WN have their psychological need for validation and information supplied online. Most won’t join anything. It’s too easy to get all the benefits without joining. But….

What we’re trying to do with the ShieldWall Network is fill a niche that online communication, interaction, and data mining doesn’t satisfy: face to face, IRL interaction and activism, and community networking, on the ground. Our goal is to help people network, find and meet like-minded others IRL, and become real persons of influence in their communities, based at a local level.

We want the ShieldWall Network to be stronger than and not dependent on the internet. We intend it to be based on actually knowing people as friends IRL. Face to face.

Here’s where I have to get mean: The problem isn’t with our ideas, it’s with people. They’re addicted to getting their interaction and information fast and easy and free, with no risk or cost. It’s made them lazy.

I’m hoping a few might hunger for something more real, something grassroots, local, and populist oriented. Something Authentic.

Have you had a chance to read the ShieldWall mission statement?

If you’re one of the few, the elite, a person of action and authenticity who isn’t satisfied with clacking away at a keyboard, we’re offering you a chance at something real, as one of us, in the ShieldWall.

If that sounds good, then let us hear from you.

Billy Roper


Finding Like-Minded People

One of the primary goals of the ShieldWall Network is, instead of just filling up the organization with warm bodies, actively seeking out men and women who see the world largely as we do. Granted, there are going to be few whom we will encounter in our day-to-day ‘cherry-picking’ recruitment forays who are already red-pilled fully, but someone who agrees with us on three-quarters of the issues, so long as they go along with the program, are not our 25% enemy, they are our 75% friend. Obviously, anyone who condones certain behaviors such as homosexuality or race mixing cannot be a part of the ShieldWall, nor do we want people who use illegal drugs or are otherwise criminals. Those general, common sense caveats aside, though, there are many millions of White Americans from all walks of life and socio-economic levels who can find a place in the ShieldWall where their strengths can combine with ours. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, construction workers, police officers, and housewives may all have something to offer in our mutual support web. Remember the values and assets we are looking for, and seek them out.

It may be tempting to reach out lazily to our fellow White Nationalists and known patriots, then limit ourselves to that small pool of potential recruits. The truth, though, is that most of our people, even those who largely agree with us and who would be very useful for the ShieldWall Network, are not yet politically active. Most of them are too busy working to pay their bills, or taking care of their families, or simply have never felt motivated to do more politically than vote occasionally, and complain a lot. Our responsibility is to change that, for the ShieldWall Network isn’t solely about prepping, for anticipating and planning  responses to any number of crisis scenarios; it is about creating a grassroots, community-based local connection of persons of influence, and to make persons of influence of each member of the ShieldWall, itself, in their local communities.

One of the methods potentially utilized by members of the ShieldWall to become a person of influence in their local community is to volunteer with your local Republican Party. Granted, only a small percentage of those active on the city and county level of Republican party politics will be amenable to our message, but the ten to twenty percent who are is higher than the same percentage of the general population, especially now.

One of the best books I can recommend describing how to get started in local political networking, one step at a time, was written by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein. Although a libertarian, rather than a Nationalist, his “Take Back Your Government” is as pertinent now for us as it was a half century ago when he wrote it.

Of course, we also will be recruiting ShieldWall Network members at gun and knife shows, hunting expositions, shooting ranges, Tea Party meetings, and dozens of similar locations, all of which are ‘target rich environments’ for the kind of individual we are looking for. Remember, you have a responsibility to the ShieldWall to be on the lookout for the next recruit who will stand beside us. Who have you talked to about the ShieldWall, today?



Lone Wolf Life Expectancy

Renegades, rogues, hermits, and lone wolves may adhere to the maxim that the strong man is strongest alone, but in a real survival situation of the kind which may arise during a balkanization event or its precursor triggering crisis scenario, it’s good to be a part of a mutually supportive network. Building those networks on localized models so that they are already in place before SHTF is one of the purposes of The ShieldWall Network. In this article, a survival expert and survivor of the Yugoslavian Civil War shares his thoughts on why being a lone wolf is overrated.

Le Mur de Boucliers

This translation of The ShieldWall Network Mission Statement is created by and for our French affiliates, with their contact e-mail at the bottom.

Que vous soyez membre d’une organisation patriotique ou indépendant, nous vons invitons à prendre part à cet effort  local. Aucune cotisation ou redevance ne seront demandées, mais un engagement réel sera nécessaire. Devenez membre du Mur de Boucliers dans votre région. Pensez racialement, agissez localement.

L’une des tactiques de défense les plus efficaces employées par nos ancètres était le mur de boucliers, appelé Φοῦλκον chez les hoplites grecs, Fulcum chez les légions romaines, Skjaldborg chez les Vikings et Scildweall ou Bordweall chez les Angles et les Saxons, ainsi que les tribus qui leur étaient apparentées. Elle consistait à se dresser épaule contre épaule, côte à côte, les bords des boucliers se chevauchant. Dans un mur de boucliers, chaque guerrier protègeait celui qui se trouvait à sa gauche avec le bouclier qu’il tenait dans cette main, couvrant son voisin de ce côté-là et attaquant l’ennemi de sa lance tenue de la main droite. A cette fin, tous les membres d’un mur de boucliers dépendaient autant les uns des autres qu’ils se protégeaient. Si l’un d’eux ne remplissait pas son rôle, son voisin en pâtissait le premier. Si le mur de boucliers se brisait, l’adversaire pouvait alors s’enfoncer dans les lignes de défense et y faire des ravages. C’est pourquoi la confiance et la loyauté étaient des traits de caractère importants des guerriers dans le mur de boucliers.


Le genre de maillage de base, au niveau de la communauté, que nous voulons promouvoir auprès de chacun des membres du Mur de Boucliers demande un niveau de confiance et de dépendance similaire. Contrairement à la mentalité du loup solitaire, nous ne sommes ni des ermites, ni des individualistes, pas plus que nous considérons que s’évader de la réalité à laquelle notre peuple doit faire face soit une solution aux problèmes qui nous menacent aujourd’hui et à l’avenir. Cependant, dans nombre de nos communautés, nous devrons peut-être bien commencer de nous-mêmes une organisation et un maillage de base. Chacun d’entre nous, devenant alors une personne ayant de l’influence au sein de nos communautés, pourra renforcer le mur de boucliers dans son ensemble, en y amenant à la longue de nouveaux membres.

Comment élargir le Mur ?

Nous avons tous la possibilité, l’opportunité et la responsabilité de devenir des meneurs et des porte-parole de nos communautés en employant l’effet de “flanc radical” pour déplacer la Fenètre d’Overton de discussion acceptable vers la droite chez nos pairs et nos amis. Cela les renforcera, les enhardira et les encouragera à parler plus hardiment et sans détour de choses qui sont peut-être “politiquement incorrectes”, mais néanmoins des croyances non partagées courantes. En même temps, nous pouvons pousser les gens à se préparer psychologiquement et matériellement à ce qui approche. De cette façon, nous pouvons chacun devenir devenir des personnes ayant de l’influence au sein de notre communauté.

Si ce que beaucoup pensent approcher se produit, le nombre de gens sur lesquels vous pourrez compter pour se trouver à votre côté et tenir la barricade d’un barrage routier défendant votre quartier sera plus important que celui des “J’aime” que vous obtenez sur FesseBouc ou de gens qui vous suivent sur TesHuitHeures. Le monde Blanc a besoin d’un maillage de base, à l’échelon le plus bas. Tous ceux qui lisent ceci connaissent quelqu’un à qui ils peuvent parler de notre avenir. Politiquement, avec nos nations plus polarisées et divisées que jamais au cours de notre existence, le moment est maintenant parfait pour chercher cette ouverture. Si vous voulez devenir une personne ayant de l’influence dans votre communauté et construire votre propre réseau local, nous souhaiterions vous dire comment faire.

Défi n° 1 : Repérer les endroits où les gens de nos idées se retrouvent près de chez vous : sociétés de chasse, clubs de tir ou de sports de combat, partis de droite au niveau local ou départemental, associations d’anciens combattants, etc, peuvent être ratissés à la recherche de ceux ayant les mêmes valeurs et susceptibles d’être recrutés.

Défi n° 2 : S’investir dans des groupes locaux de la communauté, le bénévolat et les évènements sociaux. Soyez reconnu et accepté comme membre à part entière. Assistez aux conseils municipaux, aux réunions de parents d’élèves, de quartier ou tout autre évènement civique local, surtout si vous avez des enfants. Faites aussi la connaissance des forces de police, que ce soit nationale ou municipale, car nombre de membres des forces de l’ordre partagent nos valeurs et peuvent se révéler très utiles à l’avenir. Même pour ceux qui ne le font ou ne le feront pas, mieux vaut qu’ils soient connus qu’inconnus.

Même chose avec les élus locaux, bien sûr. Rappelez-vous que nous les cooptons, ils ne nous cooptent pas.

Défi n° 3 : Faites la connaissance de vos voisins, à commencer par ceux qui sont les plus proches de chez vous. Soyez amicaux, ramassez les ordures le long du chemin d’accès que vous partagez, invitez-les à un barbecue, organisez des journées de jeux entre vos enfants et les leurs, ou donnez leur votre numéro au cas où quelque chose de suspect se passe dans le quartier et que vous deviez y faire face ensemble. Faites en sorte de leur consacrer régulièrement du temps. Gagnez leur confiance, pour avoir de l’influence par la suite.

Défi n° 4 : Commencez à tous les jauger pour une récupération et une utilité potentielles au sein du Mur de Boucliers. De quels ressources ou savoir-faire disposent-ils ? Quelle expérience, que ce soit professionnelle ou militaire, amènent-ils avec eux ? Jusqu’à où peuvent-ils être amenés, idéologiquement parlant ?

Défi n° 5 : Coordonnez-vous avec d’autres membres du Mur de Boucliers pour comparer les ressources disponibles et les domaines d’expérience que vous avez localisés et auxquels vous avez accès. Etablissez une liste des ressources et savoir-faire désirés faisant encore défaut au réseau, et travaillez à activement rechercher et recruter de nouveaux individus disposant de ces atouts spécifiques.

Nous nous rencontrerons personnellement tous les deux mois pour partager les résultats et les progrès de nos défis respectifs. Cela veut dire que, comme avec le

mur de boucliers formé par nos ancètres, nous serons responsables les uns envers les autres du travail effectué pour le réseau. Lors de ces rencontres à venir, nous nous prodiguerons les uns les autres, si besoin est, des conseils, des encouragements et une  assistance, de même que nous partagerons des idées et de l’inspiration. Ceci permettra à chacun de maintenir sa concentration et son orientation. Ceux qui ne pourront pas y participer, malgré tous leurs efforts, devront se mettre en communication avec le réseau par e-mail, pour obtenir le même effet. Il s’agira toujours d’un projet de groupe guidé, que cela soit en personne ou en ligne, que vous travailliez seul ou en faisant partie de notre réseau. Ne laissez pas le mur de boucliers s’effondrer. Tenez-vous à ses côtés, et il se tiendra aux vôtres.

Pour plus de renseignements, en français, sur le lancement d’un Mur de Boucliers dans votre région, contactez : Skjaldborg@yahoo.com

Solidarity With Other Shield Walls

A ShieldWall Network is being established in the Loire Valley of France, centered on the historic cities of Tours and Orleans. Our symbol, the Spartan shield, or ‘Lambda’, is used by Génération Identitaire in France, as you can see on the last video of their Lyons section. Quite a lot of the guys of GI (and other Nationalist youth groups in France) are proficient in Muay Thai or MMA. As French activists cannot own firearms, they are using their fists and feet, that they always have by them, ready to use ! Expect a full translation of our ‘About Us’ page in French by one of our French affiliates on this site soon.

Welcome to The ShieldWall Network!

by Billy Roper

Whether you are a member of a patriotic organization, or independent, we invite you to take part in this locally-focused, grassroots endeavor. No membership fees or dues are required, but a commitment is needed. Become a part of a ShieldWall in your area. Think racially, take a stand locally.

white-revolutionThis is the symbol of The ShieldWall Network.

The ShieldWall began in classical Greek civilization, when the courageous Spartans and other Greek warriors, such as Leonidas and his 300 at Thermopylae, linked their shields together against the invaders. It is in honor of them that the Spartan lambda shield is the symbol of The ShieldWall Network. Later, the brave Roman legions emulated the Greek ShieldWall with their ‘tortoise’. For our northern European ancestors, one of the most effective defensive tactics employed was the ShieldWall. Vikings, Angles, and Saxons alike, as well as kindred tribes, often stood shoulder to shoulder, side by side, with the rims of their shields overlapping. In a ShieldWall, every man is responsible for protecting the man to his left with their shield, held in their left hand, covering their neighbor on that side, and attacking the enemy with their right hand spear. To that end all members of the shield wall are equally reliant and dependent on one another. If one fails to do his duty, his neighbors suffer for it, first. If the ShieldWall is broken, then the enemy can penetrate the defensive lines and wreak havoc among those the ShieldWall defends. Thus, trust and loyalty are important traits for warriors in the ShieldWall.

The kind of grassroots, community level networking we want to promote for each member of The Shieldwall Network requires a similar level of mutual trust and dependence. Contrary to the lone wolf mentality, we are not hermits or individualists, nor do we see that escape from the reality our people face as a solution to the problems threatening us now, and in the future. However, in many of our communities, we may well have to begin grassroots level organizing and networking on our own. Each of us, then, becoming persons  of influence in our communities, can strengthen the ShieldWall as a whole, by eventually bringing more people into it.

How you can expand The ShieldWall Network:

We all have the ability, opportunity, and responsibility to serve as leaders and spokespersons in our communities, using the radical flank effect to shift the Overton Window of acceptable discussion to the right among our peers and friends. That will reinforce, embolden, and encourage them to speak more boldly and forthrightly the things which are ‘politically incorrect’, perhaps, but nonetheless commonly held, unspoken beliefs. At the same time, we can encourage people to prepare themselves psychologically and materially for what is coming. In this way, we can each become persons of influence in our community.

If what many believe is coming arrives, the number of people whom you can trust to stand beside you manning a roadblock barricade to defend your neighborhood will be more important than how many likes you can get on Fakebook, or followers on Tweeter. White America needs grassroots networking, from the ground up. Everyone reading this knows someone they can talk to about our future. Politically, with the nation more polarized and divided than at any time in our lives, now is the perfect time to seek that opening. If you’d like to become a person of influence in your community, and build your own local ShieldWall network, we’d like to tell you how.

Challenge One: Locate meeting places for like-minded people near you: gun shops, shooting ranges, local and County Republican parties, Veteran’s organizations, and Tea Party groups can be cherry-picked for those who are of similar values, and amenable to radicalization.

Challenge Two: Get involved in local community groups, volunteerism, and social events. Become known and accepted as an insider. Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, or any other local civic events, (4H, etc.) especially if you have children. Get to know your local and County police, as many in law enforcement share our values, and may be very useful in the future. Even those who do not, and will not, are still better known, than unknown. The same is true for local elected officials, of course. Remember, we are co-opting them, they are not co-opting us.

Challenge Three: Get to know your neighbors, starting with those closest to you. Be friendly, pick up trash alongside the shared road, invite them over for a barbecue, have play dates between their children and yours, or give them your number to call if there’s anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood that you need to take a united stand on. Make a point to touch base with them regularly. Earn their trust, for future influence.

Challenge Four: Begin feeling them all out for potential radicalization and usefulness as a part of The ShieldWall Network. What resources or skills do they have? What experiences, such as job or military, do they bring to the table? How far along the path can they be brought towards us, ideologically?

Challenge Five: Coordinate with other members of The ShieldWall Network, comparing the available resources and areas of expertise which you’ve located and accessed. Develop a list of desired resources and skill sets which are still lacking in the network, and work to develop a plan to actively seek out and recruit new individuals with those specific assets.

We will be physically meeting once every two months, to share our challenge results and progress. That means that, just as in the shield walls formed by our ancestors, we will all be accountable to one another for working on the network. At those subsequent meetings we will offer advice, assistance, and encouragement, as needed, to one another, as well as share ideas and inspiration. This will help maintain everyone’s focus and direction. Those who are unable to attend, despite their best efforts, should be in communication with the network through e-mail, to achieve the same effect. This will always be a group-driven and guided project, whether face to face or online, whether you are working alone, or as a part of our network. Do not let the shield wall down. Stand with it, and it will stand with you.

For more information on how to start a ShieldWall Network in your area, e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com.